5 Easy Steps to Perfect Hair

You can have your hair looking like it was professionally done by following these easy 5 easy steps.

http://www.Hair-and-Hairstyles.com#1: You will be amazed at what you can achieve by yourself in terms of keeping your hair healthy. I have put together some information here that I hope will benefit you and your hair, remember you really do deserve the very best.

Did you know that it is very important to try and maintain a healthy balanced diet in order to have shiny healthy hair? What you eat will be reflected in your hair’s condition, poor diet equals unhealthy looking hair, a good diet will do more for your hair then any conditioning treatments you can buy.

It is much easier to treat healthy hair than hair that is damaged . Your hair is made up of a large percentage of water so drinking the recommend amount of 6 to 8 glasses per day is very important to the health of your hair.

#2: Most people understand that hair drying appliances like blow dryers, curling or flat irons can and often do cause damage to your hair. Try to dry your hair as naturally as possible keeping in mind that over time these appliance will damage your hair causing it to become dry and or brittle.

There are always some sacrifices involved when it comes to maintaining healthy hair, avoiding heating appliance is highly recommended.

#3: Using the correct hair brush for your hair is more important then you can imagine. Always use a wide tooth comb not a brush for wet hair and always comb as gentle as possible. If De-tangling is required use a with plastic comb being as gentle as possible, steel combs tend to cause extra damage.

#4: Here is a technique to help with any split ends you may have. By sectioning small areas of your hair and carefully twisting them downward you will see more of the split ends together.

Carefully trim off the split ends with a very sharp pair of scissors, less is always more in this case. This technique may require a bit of practice but once you get it you will be able to remove the split end damage and have healthier looking hair.

#5:When buying shampoos and conditioners don’t be fooled by the hype, most shampoos and conditioners are the same even though some of the big companies give them categories like for colored or thin hair.

Try to buy products with natural ingredients and avoid those products that have fillers and waxes, these fillers and waxes will only coat your hair making it look good for a short period of time but eventually ending up causing more damage. Shampoos and conditioners are a topic I may have to discuss in another blog.

I hope this information was helpful, we are committed to being your online source for everything you need to know from today’s Beauty Industry Experts…

Regards, B.R. Watts

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How to Get a Wavy Hair Style Using a Flat Iron

By Jan Ris

Creating a good hairstyle is now possible within a blink of eye with the help of a good quality flat iron. Let whatever be your signature hairstyle, you can style your hair to suit your specific personality and taste so that the time spent before the mirror would be saved. Messy, beachy curls are something that every young girl would love to accomplish.

Beachy curls will give you a sexy and naughty look, especially when you are out to a holiday trip. If you have with you a two in one professional ceramic flat iron, you need not have to purchase a curling iron separately.

You can create different types of curls in whatever style you prefer by using different sizes of detachable barrels. A one inch barrel would be perfect to get those beachy waves on your hair. It is simple to acquire that cherished style with a flat iron if you have some creativity and patience in you.

To acquire a wavy hairstyle, you will require things like a ceramic blow dryer, round teeth comb, hair styling products, heat protecting products, and clips to hold the hair along with a professional ceramic flat iron. Since you require loose curls for acquiring the wavy style, you should always choose a 1 inch barrel size for curling the hair.

To ensure that you get the maximum output with brilliant results, you have to first set the temperature to its maximum that is required for loose curls. But always start to apply the iron on the hair that is washed with scalp cleansing shampoo and conditioned with leave-in moisturized conditioner.

These hair preparations are highly mandatory to safeguard the health and natural moisture of your hair. A clean and moisturized hair will respond in the best way to a flat iron so that you get amazingly curled hair to suit your style.

After dividing the hair into small section, glide the flat iron through the hair in such a way that you go on creating loose curls at every end. If you wish to acquire messy curls, you can randomly clamp the iron to different directions. Give it a soft touch of wax for that natural shine after curling.

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Create Dramatic Holiday Hair Styles With Your Curling Iron

By Julie S. Montgomery

Expert Author Julie S. Montgomery

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. And this past week I’ve been enjoying receiving in the mail the Christmas issues of all my favorite magazines.

I’m loving all the holiday hair tips and have noticed one fun new theme in all the suggestions: jewelry. What could be better than putting something sparkly in your hair for that holiday party or event?

I’ve seen two great suggestions in the jewelry direction. First is a bejeweled headband. This means you could style your hair like normal. Use your blow dryer and curling iron and maybe put in a few more curls than normal.

Then simply top it with a special sparkly headband that matches or coordinates with the color of your outfit. That definitely sounds easy enough for anyone to do. The second idea is some well placed jewelry in your hair.

Clip your locks up with a barrette or comb that has stones or something even more flashy on it. Or try a pin or stick for something really different. These accessories would be beautiful with flowing curls (might require even more quality time with your curling iron than normal but worth it!) or an evening bun.

One particular style really caught my eye for those of you with medium to long, curly or wavy hair. Start by twisting and pinning your hair up with bobby pins (i.e. pin curls). Leave the pins in for half an hour and finish off with your blow dryer with diffuser attached to make sure everything is dry.

Take the pins out and finger comb if you’d like. Just don’t use a comb or brush on the hair as it will make it frizzy. Then bring the tendrils up and work into a loose bun. It looks very sophisticated.

Whatever you are doing for the holidays, spending some extra time making your hair look great is always worth it. Holiday parties are a great excuse to try new and different styles with your hair.

Julie enjoys sharing health and beauty tips. A great resource for flat irons, curling irons and hair styling tools of all kinds is My Hair Styling Tools.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Julie_S._Montgomery